One New Man
 Rabbi Steve Feldman, Founder
Rabbi Steve Feldman

One New Man

So, what’s a nice Jewish boy doing in a place like this? I was born to two liberal Jewish parents in Connecticut in 1952. Twenty years later, after living a hippie lifestyle for a couple of years, I was born-again. This time by the Holy Spirit.

After searching scriptures, especially the New Testament, I came to believe that Jesus Christ, who I thought was the God of the Catholics and Protestants, was in fact the awaited Jewish Messiah.

My beloved wife of forty years, Barbara and I wandered in a doctrinal wilderness for four years. I was hungry for the pure truth of the Word of God, but wasn’t receiving very much discipleship.

Then in 1976, the Lord led us to a wise and well seasoned Assembly of God Pastor. I felt a strong call of God on my life, but I desperately needed help and guidance. I remained on the ministry staff of Bethal Assembly of God, in Franklin Square, New York until 1979. Then, we stepped out of the boat and moved with our two young children about fifty miles east on Long Island. We rented a house, made a sanctuary in the basement and went door to door preaching the Gospel. That’s only the beginning.

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Praise Yeshua

Praise Yeshua

In these prophetic times that we are living in, it is imperative that we, the body of Messiah, having many members are one body (I COR 12:20). There should be no schisms in the body, but that the members should have the same care one for another (I COR 12:25).

Further, this ministry provides an apostolic oversight of leaders and congregations that speak the truth in love and gives discipleship and aid to ministers and ministries so that we may all grow up into our head, the Messiah, all serving the Lord our God and each other. We see growth as we build up one another in His love and His truth.

We, the bride of the Messiah, must get ready for our bridegroom’s return (MATT 25:1-13; REV 19:6-9). Yeshua (Jesus) is preparing His one true bride that has come from every kindred, tongue, people, and nation, to be glorious before Him (EPH 5:27).

This Apostolic and Prophetic overseeing body helps build up and maintain those who share in this vision, the life and Glory of the Messiah will be manifested on this earth until His return (ISA 40:1-5; JOHN 14:18-23; JOHN 17:20-26; PHIL 2:12-16; I JOHN 4:17-21).



Praise Yeshua

When a person is born again from above by the Holy Spirit (JOHN 3:3-7, EZEK 36:22-24, DEUT 30:6) he/she becomes a new creation, a species of human that had not previously existed (II COR 5:17). The Hebrew word for create is “BAH-RAH” meaning to bring into existence. This new creation is God’s own workmanship created in the Messiah Jesus (EPH 2:10). This new being that we have become, by the grace of God, is neither Jew nor Gentile, but new, previously non-existent and unprecedented (GAL 6:15). God is miraculously within us (JER 31:31-33; JOHN 14:15-23; I COR 6:19-20; COL 1:27) and personally, we are new.

We have also been placed into a new living organism, the body of Messiah (I COR 12:12-27; EPH 4:1-8; ROM 12:3-5). This body is described as being one. The Greek refers to that which has been joined together into one (EPH 2:14-22), a new, mystical habitation of God. Even as the Lord our God is One (DEUT 6:4) He has manifested His deity and character through the distinctive personalities of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This new creation body that we are a part of individually, is neither Jew nor Greek, circumcised nor uncircumcised, bound nor free, male nor female, but are all one in the Messiah Jesus (GAL 3:11; COL 3:28).



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Praise Yeshua